Fresh, Morning Kisses

I’ve recently been deeply affected by the horrible reality that is suicide, and the effects that it can have on loved ones. Earlier this week we lost a treasure and heaven gained an angel. Seeing the way this loss has torn up my boyfriend has shaken me to new degrees. It is awful seeing this kind of pain in someone you love and I can hardly imagine what I would do if someone I’d grown up with decided to end their life. 

Suicide is not something to make a joke of, something to refer to lightly when we break a nail or make a typo. It is a very real issue that breaks so many hearts and claims too many lives. We need to spread love more generously.

If someone matters to you, tell them. Tell them until they tell you they know, and then keep telling them. 

I have never fully understood love and what it means until I felt myself immobilized by the knowledge that your heart is broken. 


im ok w spending $40 on food but wont buy a $40 shirt

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